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Call to schedule 262-224-9143 Schedule an Inspection   262-224-9143

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Should I be at the Home Inspection?

Yes. We recommend you be present as much as possible. This way, the inspector can show you first hand things that will be in the report and explain the significance. Your attendance will also enable you to ask questions about things you see that may not be in the report. We don’t want the report to contain any surprises; everything in the report we will have already discussed on site with you.

How long does the Home Inspection take?

About 3-4 hours. It depends on the size of the property and house, whether we can access the roof and attic, what we find that might need further investigation, and how much time is spent discussing various items with you.

When will I receive the inspection report, and who gets a copy?

Within 24 hours. I will email a copy of the inspection report to you within 24 hours of the inspection and after payment has been made. Normally, it will be sent the same day, usually later that night after I go home to put the finishing touches on the report. I will only send the report to you, unless you authorize me to send a copy to others of your choosing, such as your Realtor.

When and how do I pay?

At the start of the inspection. After we agree on the fee, which is dependent upon the size of the property and any other services requested, we will then agree to a date and time. I will send a standard contract for you to sign, which I ask that you send back prior to the inspection, or bring with you to the inspection. Payment will be made at the start of the inspection. You can pay by cash, check, or with a credit card. I can either manually enter the credit card number or you can swipe your card on my Square mobile card reader. The report will not be issued until payment has been made.

How will deficiencies be identified in the report?

The report will start by listing the details and features of the home such as style and age. It will then provide a summary of the findings, to include items not operating, major concerns, potential safety items, deferred cost items, improvement items, and items to monitor. All of these items will have been copied from the main part of the report, which is a break-down by area of the property, such as exterior grounds, roof and siding, foundation, HVAC, electrical, etc. Most all comments will be highlighted with a picture showing the area of concern, and will likely have been discussed if you attended the inspection.

After the inspection, what do we do with the info in the report?

The report provides you with information about the current condition of the home.  No house is perfect or without it's own "character".  Only you can decide what to do about the items listed in the Home Inspection report.  Your first step should definitely be to go over the report with your realtor or agent, as they are experienced in these matters and can provide you guidance on what to do next.

Home Inspection Reports are emailed within 12-24 hours after completion of the inspection. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and a 90-day warranty period during which you can contact me with any questions, even after you move in.